Twin Girls & a Dog

The parents of these twin girls really love their dogs… they’ve always been a part of our sessions through the years. For this session, the dogs kept strolling in and out of the doorway, and instead of waiting for them to clear each time they appeared, I just shot the scene with the dog(s) included.

Tech info: Handheld Nikon D3, 85mm f1.4 lens manually set to f3.2 at 1/640th sec., ISO 800, B&W JPG. Lighting came from open sky in front of the home, with the mid morning sun located toward the back right, so light was even and easy to deal with.



20 thoughts on “Twin Girls & a Dog

  1. Nanine

    Eddie – this photo is adorable – love the dog and love their little frilled socks – especially love their expression & happiness captured in your image – great photo! thanks for sharing

  2. Joy Kaminski

    I love this moment…..

  3. Diego

    Eddie, This is very beautiful and timeless photo. For me it has it all, it’s candid, yet it looks professional, I love the textures on the door and the composition and how there’s a game of frames going on here, the door frames the girls, the arch in the back kinda frames the girls. and the floor and right wall frames it all. The dog adds a lot to the moment, his “what’s going on here/can I be in the picture” expression is priceless. The fact the little girls don’t even realize he’s there tells me he really is part of the family and nobody even tells him hey move out of the shot. Beautiful Lighting. Great shot!

  4. Jeffrey

    Beauties And The Beast?
    Eddie, Nice shot! Like the lighting a lot. Also like the composition and the way you framed it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lisa

    This is so wonderful Eddie! You’ve really created such a beautiful image. I especially love the joy and love the girls have of each other!

  6. Denise

    Eddie- a beautiful moment beautifully captured! This image will be more and more treasured as the girls get older.

  7. eddie Post author

    Thank you, everyone, for such encouraging comments. I really appreciate them.

    Diego, I agree with you, the dog’s (unplanned) appearance in this portrait really made a difference.

    At first I thought the lines, both horizontal and vertical, made for a slightly busy composition. But, I’m okay with them now that I’ve viewed the image a few times, haha. Thanks for thinking of them positively as frames, Diego!

    Thanks for your feedback, everyone!



  8. sonia

    I love your work … inspiring

  9. Krystle H

    Eddie– I have always enjoyed the work you feature, but this is my favorite to date. Everything in this picture comes together to make an amazing capture. The little girls with their bows and frilly socks, the dog appearing to be standing protectively beside them, all framed by that awesome door. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. JanetC

    Eddie, I love the sisters’ connection. The dog is great in the picture, and all the surrounding elements. Such sweet true faces. Great image! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Marmalade

    Agreed, this is a wonderful moment. Your bw here coupled with the lighting is perfection. One of my faves.

  12. Linda Mishler

    Eddie~This is such a welcoming portrait! A very nice ‘slice of life” photo that will be treasured forever. I love everything about this….the girls hugging,their expressions,the detail in the door,the fact that the door is open,the “guard dog”. I have a German Shepherd myself and know this dog is probably not ever far from his treasured little girls…which makes this a very nice story telling portrait!

  13. Rene Smith

    Beautiful, beautiful girls. I’m curious as to why you chose an ISO of 800 when shutterspeed doesn’t seem to be an issue at 1/640. I generally shy away from high ISOs, but so many seem to do amazing work with them.

  14. eddie Post author

    Thanks, everyone, for your positive comments on this image. Ü

    Rene, there’s a couple of reasons I used the ISO I did during this outdoor session:

    — In a given shooting scenario I will pick an ISO that will allow me to shoot for an extended span of time without needing to change ISO, even when switching locations within the general shooting area. So, as relates to this session, even though I could have shot the front door scene at ISO 400 at 1/320th sec., that same ISO would not have been sufficient for the shots taken over to the right, in a more tree-shrouded area, where the light level was lower. In order to be ready for both scenarios (and more) quickly, I set an ISO to cover my bases. Since my sessions with kids and families are a combination of photojournalistic and active directing, setting an overall ISO gives me one less thing to think about during the action.

    — Since the D3 performs very well at high ISO’s (especially when the end product is a b/w image), I don’t mind selecting a high ISO in order to be ready for lots of different lighting scenarios.



  15. Kym

    Really love this B&W photo! Just wondering in your comments under the photo that it is a B&W Jpg…….did you set the B&W in camera or convert in PS?

  16. eddie Post author

    Hi Kym,

    Yes, I choose to set the camera to B/W JPG mode. I understand others who like the benefit of working in RAW (color) mode from the start and then convert, and that is a very good way to go. My reasons for working in B/W from the start stem from wanting to simulate the experience I used to have shooting B/W film. Love to see my originals in B/W. Ü


  17. Kym

    Thanks Eddie! It’s truly a lovely B&W photo SOOC.

  18. Photography Business & Marketing

    Hi Eddie – Nigel here from the photography business and marketing LinkedIn group.

    I love to take a closer look at what our members our up to, so thought I would stop be to take a look at your your blog.

    This black & white work is exceptional, and I really love this adorable photograph of the two girls – it’s so full of expression, yet totally natural.

    Keep up the great work!


  19. eddie Post author

    Hi Nigel!

    Thanks for your positive thoughts on my work, I appreciate it very much.

    I plan to head on over to the LI photo marketing group and mix it up a little. See you there soon!



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