Recently I noticed an orchid in the sunroom.

Tech:  Nikon D3 with 60mm micro Nikkor lens.  Indoors with available light.


Spoon in Coffee Shake

One of the reasons I look forward to waking up early every morning is the thought of starting my day off with my delicious organic coffee shake.  To make it I brew organic coffee beans, then into a Vitamix blender I add raw cashews, a tiny pinch of sea salt, and stevia powder to taste.  Sometimes I add a little maca powder if I want an energy boost for the day.  The tasty elixir is poured into a coffee mug as usual, and I sip it slowly using a silver spoon that a good friend gave me for a recent birthday present.

So anyway, while I was enjoying my coffee shake in the kitchen this morning, I began contemplating and losing myself within the design formed by the spoon and coffee shake’s bubbly foam.  Soon thereafter, I had to go get my camera and tripod for a close up of the scene.

Tech info:  Nikon D3 with 60mm f2.8 micro Nikkor lens, on a tripod, shot at 1/3 sec. at f16, at ISO 800.


Cousin from Argentina

A quick portrait session with my cousin from Argentina.  She is usually a huge smiler…just can’t stop smiling for a second.  So I was fortunate to get a shot of her in repose, something I usually prefer.

Tech info:  Nikon D3, 85mm f1.4 lens.  Lighting came from a nearby accent light located around the kitchen counter, which I used as a base.  The aperture used was wide enough to blur the hard lines of the windows in the background, while letting them blow out to add interest.


Running Sandpipers

This week I am having some fun photographing sandpipers at the beach here in Lake Worth, Florida.   This image came about due to a combination of slow shutter speed, intense backlighting/reflection off of the wet sand and a little overexposure.

Nikon D3, 135mm f2.0 lens, set to f16 at 1/40th sec., ISO100.

Weed on Fence

I noticed some kind of weed or vine on my backyard fence one day.  Although the scene was surrounded by heavy shade from foliage, the lighting effect was changing according to whether the sun was direct or behind clouds.  So I shot the scene during those times when the colors seemed  to pop.

Nikon D3, 60mm micro lens, f6.3, 1/100th sec., ISO200, on tripod.


My attempt at street photography while traveling up north.  And I file it under:  I don’t really know what it means, but I kind of like how it looks.

Nikon D3, 35mm lens at f3.5, 1/1600th sec., ISO400.

Sailboats at Dusk

Another take from the regatta shoot.  This one shows the sails illuminated by the last light of the day.

Nikon D3, 200-400mm zoom set to 220mm, f4, 1/2500th sec., ISO200.


Spinnaker in Fading Light

While visiting family in Vermont, I got a chance to photograph a Wednesday night regatta with a long lens I was borrowing from one of my brothers.  The 400mm lens was a blast to work with, since I really love the significant visual compression it lends to scenes.  For this one here, I shot with a very narrow aperture and slow shutter speed, while moving the lens a bit in order to end up with some in-camera motion blur.

Nikon D3, 400mm lens length, 1/5 sec., f14, ISO200.


New Age Cafe

After photographing all morning, I stopped for coffee at one of my favorite new age cafes in Lake Worth, Florida.

Tech info:

Nikon D3, 35mm lens set to f3.2, 1/800th sec., ISO800.  Exposure set for the background, with the idea that the subjects/objects in front would be partially in silhouette.

Portrait Along the Hiking Trail

Tech info:

Nikon D3, 135mm f2.0 set to f2.2, at 1/8000th sec., ISO200, monochrome mode.  Direct sunlight was coming from the right, so I asked her to turn her face toward the opposite direction in order to avoid unflattering shadows.